Excellence in Spiritual Healing

Welcome to UK Healers

Who we are

UK Healers is the largest voluntary self-regulating body for Spiritual Healers in the UK.

What we do

  • Regulate and set the standards of professional practice for healers.
  • Ongoing accreditation of courses.
  • support Healers in maintaining high standards of practice.
  • Seek to protect the safety of the public.
  • Enhance public wellbeing.

What is healing

Spiritual Healing also known as energy healing (or simply expressed as healing) is the channelling of healing energy through the hands and/or with thought.

It does not include massage, manipulation, the use of instruments, drugs or other remedies, or the practice of clairvoyance or psychic surgery.

It does include Distant or Absent Healing and Channelling of healing energy which is the the flow or transmission of healing energy through the healer.

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Our Promise
To You

To be lead body for self-regulation of healer practitioners to the general public in the UK.

To protect the public, instil confidence and ensure safe, appropriate and effective practise of spiritual healing by registered UK Healers.

To create and maintain a practitioner register.