Excellence in Healing

Member Organisations in UK Healers

  • Bi-Aura Foundation

    Bi-Aura® International is a school for learning and development in Bio-Energy Healing with a 25 year history.

    We believe personal and global healing starts in the hearts of each one of us individually, and that together we can heal ourselves, each other, and the world. Our vision is a worldwide network of qualified, professional Bi-Aura® bio-energy healing practitioners living their talents, passion, and skills for the betterment of our world.

    Our full diploma course is inspirational and life changing. Upon successful completion you’ll be able to join us as a registered Bi-Aura® practitioner. On the way, in addition to gaining understanding regarding healing with bio-energy, you’ll make powerful self-discoveries and insights into your relationships with friends and family. We also offer short courses and online options too.

  • College of Healing

    Traditional healing for Contempory Times

    Established in 1983, the College of Healing has a well-deserved reputation for both the quality of its courses and the experience of its tutors, each of whom have extensive experience working as Spiritual and Energy Healers. Our teaching is recognised as one of the most in-depth training in healing currently available in the UK. The College of Healing is a registered Charity whose primary aim is to broaden an individuals understanding and expression of Healing.

  • College of Psychic Studies

  • Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary

    Situated in the heart of the Surrey countryside this centre of healing has been helping people for over 70 years. Visit our website for further information on all the services and facilities that are offered.

  • Helen Stott Organisation for Transformation & Training

  • Holistic Energy Association

    Holistic Energy Association has been formed to provide a safe and respected organisation to fulfil this function.

    Our Healer Members are dedicated to working as Spiritual Healers for the Greater Good. Our work is within the community either at Healing Centres, visiting the housebound or at home. Many work on a voluntary basis.

  • Omnes Healing

    Omnes Healing is a membership organisation for ALL types of healers (Omnes is Latin for "everyone"). We teach a simple, but powerful method of energy re-balancing (linking directly to Universal Source energy) to both UK Healers and the Confederation of Healing Organisations standards.

  • Open Pathway Retreat Centre

    The Open Pathway Retreat Centre & Training College has been training healers for over 30 years. We offer training to a high standard and are open all year round for healing, counselling, yoga and energy therapies, as well as Kriya Meditation and nuturing retreats.

  • Surrey Healing Association

    Established in 1962 Surrey Healing Association (SHA) is one of the UK's leading accreditation bodies for therapeutic energy healing. We train, examine, monitor and regulate a national network of therapeutic energy healers, providing consultancy and oversight on current statutory requirements and legislatory frameworks.

    We advocate for the holistic integration of energy healing in traditional healthcare settings, developing codes of practise that facilitate multi-disciplinary healing therapy across healthcare trusts and private care providers. SHA are committed to expanding the care and treatment options available to those suffering and in need and deliver on this ambition in partnership with our network of skilled, empathic and dedicated Surrey Healers.

  • The Healing Academy

    The Healing Academy is based at Lupton house, The Healing Academy is a healer training organisation that runs regular two year accredited training courses alongside a very successful and busy drop in healing centre.

  • The Healing Trust

    The Healing Trust offers Students and Members training, mentoring, and practical opportunities to fully develop their potential and practice healing in safe, supportive surroundings.

    All enquiries are welcome.

  • The National Healers Association

  • United Spiritual Healers

  • White Eagle Lodge

  • Northumbria healers

    Northumbria Healers is a community based not-for-profit organisation, run entirely by professionally trained local volunteers.

    We are a group of enthusiastic healers who are committed to giving our time and expertise to support members of the community in this way. We have a wealth of skill and experience and have been offering healing sessions across the North East for many years.

Our Promise
To You

To be lead body for self-regulation of healer practitioners to the general public in the UK.

To protect the public, instil confidence and ensure safe, appropriate and effective practise of spiritual healing by registered UK Healers.

To create and maintain a practitioner register.