Joining UK Healers

Who can Join

Membership of UK Healers is primarily for organisations whose members are spiritual healers.

Organisations that only train and assess healers must have a way of enrolling qualified healers into a membership organisation that is associated with UK Healers.

To be eligible to join, membership organisations must:

Have a minimum of 10 spiritual healers residing in UK and these must comprise the majority of members.

Be accredited as meeting or exceeding the UK Healers Quality Criteria. These are available for reading / download from the Information page of this site.

Pay the annual membership fee.

Submit a list of the healers in their organisation for the UKH Register of Healers.

Please note, Organisations that deliver courses purely by distance learning will NOT be eligible to join UK Healers.

Membership Fee

The minimum fee per organisation is £25pa.

For organisations of more than 25 members Annual costs are currently £1 per healer or trainee healer living in UK.


The UKH Quality Criteria define the minimum requirements expected of a Spiritual Healer Member / Training Organisation to be used for their members.

We believe that these are necessary to protect the safety of the public and to maintain a high standard of healing practice.

To assist organisations a checklist of the required Quality Criteria is available upon request.

The accreditation process

Organisations must submit documentary proof to UK Healers to prove that their organisation meets all of the quality criteria.

UK Healers panel examines submitted documentation.

The organisation is then advised whether their documentation meets the accreditation requirements.

Reassuring the Public

Organisations will only be accepted for membership of UK Healers once they have been assessed as meeting the required Quality Criteria.

In this way we are able to assure the public that a healer from any of our member organisations is well trained and competent.

The healer is therefore subject to an acceptable Code of Conduct which includes a complaints and disciplinary procedure.