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UK Healers is proud to announce that the Shamanic Healers Circle is now accredited with UK Healers

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Shamanic healers circle

The Shamanic Healers Circle (SHC) is a not for profit membership organisation for Shamanic Healers.

We promote Shamanic Healing within the complementary healthcare sector and support Shamanic Healers to achieve accreditation and recognition with the Complementary and Health Care Council in the UK.

We are responsible for the Shamanic Healing curriculum developed to meet UKHealers criteria, and used as a basis for Shamanic Healing practitioner training.

Shamanic healing is an ancient therapy that has a tremendous part to play today in helping people gain balance, wholeness and vitality in their lives.

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Website: shamanichealerscircle.com

Email: info@shamanichealerscircle.com

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